Professional Work Experience

Corporate Employment

SKF, Elgin, IL (on-site, no longer remote)

Supply Chain Planner (contract position) 

March 2022 – June 2022

Followed up on purchase orders with suppliers, manufacturing orders with production, and provided information to customer service, sales, and the customers on the status of the orders. Made sure deliveries are on time to the best of my ability within the constraints of problems occurring to the vendors in the overall supply chain system in the world-wide entirety of the Aerospace industry.

  • Learned to use XA system quickly as much as possible. XA is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system that is built for manufacturers so it includes MRP (Material Requirements Planning) as a module within the ERP system. XA covers every type of manufacturing, which includes contract manufacturing, configure to order, make to order, make to stock, repetitive schedules, and high-volume repetitive manufacturing. XA delivers the most comprehensive discrete ERP system on the market, of which discrete ERP refers ERP software that is specifically designed for manufacturing companies that deliver distinct, such as discrete, products in large quantities. Discrete manufacturing ERP systems help manufacturers maintaincontrol and visibility for every step of a business’s processes.
  • Created some purchase orders but primarily followed up and reached out to suppliers, coordinated with the main buyer to get information updated and made sure what the status is.
  • SKF saw a 4% improvement in supplier on-time deliveries during my time there due to achieving my responsibilities with vendors and having impeccable follow through, of which customer service raved about my response time when they were inquiring about purchase orders.

ULTA, Bolingbrook, IL (remote during COVID-19 Pandemic) 

Inventory Admin through Randstad (contract position)

July 2021 – February 2022

Responsible for entering purchase orders in SAP (Systems, Applications, and Products - Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and data management program) for the beauty bags sampling program and following up with the vendors and inventory analysts to ensure on time delivery. Used v-lookups in spreadsheet that I helped make and improve for organizing beauty bag orders. Made order updates where needed such as when Unit of Measure is incorrect from the vendor. Solely responsible for the entire Ecommerce team’s Splits Report of the 6 DCs to help pinpoint what skus may have been affected and shipped from a differing warehouse than the best warehouse in proximity to the customers, which lead to additional costs in shipping; this consisted of pulling inventory from SAP and using a pivot table and v-lookup in Excel on a daily morning basis and was sent to a large distribution email list. Also utilized pivot tables in Excel to organize output of purchase order numbers from SAP. Approved and pushed through skus in PIM system (Product Inventory Management). Updated safety stock of beauty bags, beauty breaks, and GWPs (Gift with Purchase).

  • Placed multitudes of skus on reserve for Ecommerce for big events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
  • Assisted in doing Auto Reserve Exclusions for the entire team of Ecom for big events so that excess inventory would not be taken for the Ecom side away from the Retail side.
  • Provided analytics/insights to support business decisions to optimize sales and productivity.
  • Actively participated in weekly cross functional team meetings.
  • Attended to ad hoc projects when needed.

INSIGHT, Addison, IL

Buyer through Atrilogy-Peak17 Consulting, Inc. (contract position)

August 2020 – July 2021

Responsible for the procurement and process application as it supports the IT Supply Chain Management stocking strategy. This includes working operational issues with suppliers, providing strong client service, and maintaining data accuracy.

  • Expedite deliveries, update backlog status, and ensure product delivery via FreshDesk email ticketing system.
  • Manage data integrity across area of responsibility & reporting system / data integrity issues.
  • Work with Buyer team to update data using Excel and utilizing SAP.
  • Handled Synnex, Ingram and Tech Data vendor accounts for Hardware Procurement 8 team.

.CLAIRE'S, Hoffman Estates, IL

Digital Inventory Allocation Analyst through Connect Search (contract position)

October 2018 – January 2020

Contributed to the company’s sales, inventory, and margin goals by assisting in the allocation of merchandise to the Ecommerce department for both Claire’s NA (North America) and Icing by helping to inform the allocators, planners, and buyers of all departments by providing sales performance by pulling and preparing Inventory Requests Report, New and Repeat Arrivals that need Encoding updated, and Top 50 Best Sellers by Department to aid in the optimization of inventory we hoped to receive to have efficient supply of goods sent to Ecommerce. Utilized v-lookup, pivot tables, and filter in Excel for reporting.

  • Completed Daily Demand Sales Report which consisted of the following: using AS400 to find Shipped Sales and Total Shipping Charge; exporting report from SQL server into Excel and utilizing Data – Text to Columns, Sort, and inserting a Pivot Table to compute Total Demand Sales, Margin, and total Orders for both online Storefront and Amazon; collecting Demand Sales from Amazon using Amazon Seller Central; collecting traffic data from Google Analytics 360; and finally inputting pertinent data of Demand Product Sales, Demand Product Margin Rate, Demand Product Total Margin, Shipped Product Sales, Total Demand Orders, Conversion Rate, Average Order Value, and Traffic using number of Sessions all into the Daily Report.Updated weekly reports such as Week-to-Date Sales Report, In Stock Report, Rolling Promo Analysis, and the loading of the Clearance Permanently Marked Down Items online as needed.
  • Exported from custom report in Google Analytics for Key Performance Indicators for whole fiscal year by day for 2018 for Daily Key Performance Indicators Report and compile on a monthly basis for 2019 to send to Finance
  • Updated Sales Mix of Ecom to Brick & Mortar periodically as needed using v-lookups.
  • Pulled several key reports on a weekly basis from Laservault, such as Ecommerce Active Style Summary and Merchana (Merchandise Analysis Structure) to prepare the NA and Icing templates, and update Minster On Hand and DC On Hand daily in order to use most up-to-date inventory and sales data for the Ecom team.
  • Input hundreds of skus into AS400 for non- sales merchandise inventory for first week as Purchasing Assistant as initial ad hoc assignment along with manually sorting through mail from vendors of non-sales merchandise to help organize in the Purchasing Department.


Customer Service Representative

May 2018 – October 2018

Accurately entered data of customer orders. Answered customer telephone calls and emails. 

  • Solved Excel spreadsheet for a huge CPS (Chicago Public Schools) order using Sort, V-lookup and Pivot Tables.


Pricing Analyst Consultant - Digital Intelligence Systems

July 2017 – November 2017 (contract position)

Assisted Pricing Team consisting of Pricing Analysts to accomplish setting recommended retail pricing for all Ace retailers based on the given suggested retail (MSRP) and competitive data from both direct brick and mortar competitors, indirect competitors, and online competitors. Took into consideration and factored in the relationship that each item, or sku, that it has with similar items such as size, colors, good/better/best brand strategies and price sensitivities. Collected competitive data through online searches and helped to create a thorough Excel spreadsheet to show work of competitive data of all competitors, including direct, indirect, and online competitors. Evaluated pricing on lower margin items and determined a better retail price and different cost recommendation. Learned and adapted to PCM (Product Content Manager used at Ace Hardware Corporate) and SAP (Systems, Applications, and Products - Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and data management program). Used extensive retail experience to take into consideration the consumer driven mind set on how products relate to each other.

  • Processed a great multitude of pricing for skus for items both for Emery project and regular non-Emery items.
  • Assisted in ad hoc projects such as helping to created expedient solution for Zero Retail Pricing Issue and immediately resolve Incongruent Discrepancy in similar skus arising from the Zero Retail Pricing Project.
  • Helped greatly in time of urgent need for ad hoc assignments for the Emery project which took great team effort in High Priority Emery Project that had an extremely tight deadline along with assisting in complex Excel work for another Emery Project that needed assistance. 

THE ROOMPLACE, Lombard, IL / Woodridge, IL

Merchandising Assistant / Delivery Assistant

September 2015 - May 2016 (contract position)

Assisted Merchandising Team consisting of Buyers and Assistant Buyers to accomplish merchandising tasks. Entered into Oracle system Advance Shipment Notices for purchase orders, updating quantities and costs for accuracy. Promptly confirmed to vendors quantities and costs from Acknowledgements of purchase orders. Reviewed Open Order Reports and updated ship dates into Oracle to update purchase orders that were either pushed back or moved up ahead of schedule. Entered revised pricing for items and packages for beddings, bedroom sets and dining furniture in GERS and Oracle from Excel spreadsheets given from buyer. Assisted in creating visual memos in Word of accessories that would be discounted and going on sale.

  • Prepared skus and pricing in preliminary Excel spreadsheet needed to upload advertised items for each sale.
  • Revised and updated the given Coordinations of Upholstery Living Rooms sets of occasional tables, lamps, and rugs in Word, then saved as PDFs which were uploaded onto SharePoint, the access point where employees view company information.

Worked in Distribution Center to help assist transition into new system of Storis from old system of Oracle and GERS. Entered Service Orders that needed to transition over to Storis from Oracle. Entered Service Orders that needed specific parts in Storis in transition from Oracle. Help ensure Sales Orders are delivered by viewing Logistical Scheduling and make sure Scheduled deliveries are not incorrectly set as Estimated by stores and online purchases. Help identify items that are backordered on customer sales orders. Help ensure that items that are no longer backordered are delivered with the rest of the order for the customer. Assisted with calling customers to re-schedule deliveries after the major catastrophe of the fire occurred at the main warehouse in Woodridge. Split orders in Storis because of the new different warehouses merchandise were coming from which affected the logistics for how customer orders were to be delivered.


Buyer’s Assistant / Member Service Associate

February 2008 - October 2009

Managed specific accounts by corresponding daily to buyers of grocery store chain member-owners who purchased through the cooperative of Topco. Collaborated with vendors to coordinate economical and timely expediting of products. Processed purchase orders and set up cost pages with item information, pricing, and buyer overrides. Utilized AS400, especially from the BAAI inventory screen, to update and maintain the Import Sales Report in Microsoft Excel.

  • Developed a database in Microsoft Access which included information from a preliminary cost build-up spreadsheet as well as information from past purchase orders; exported queries into Microsoft Excel.
  • Responsible for Recaps Reporting in Microsoft Excel for the customer service team division.   

Visual Merchandising

WINSTON RETAIL, Greater Chicago Area,

Merchandise Coordinator / Stock Squad Associate [Independent Contractor]

February 2014 - April 2015

Re-merchandised and organized products according to specific brand and corporate store company standards. Photographed the before and after shots of the merchandise placement at each visit to assess progress and evaluate success. Submitted reports, including photos, to Winston Retail which is forwarded to the applicable client for each visit. Reviewed assigned tutorials for designated brands prior to visiting Chicagoland clients to determine merchandising specifications. Completed 100% of quiz questions after each brand tutorial prior to conducting store visits. Communicate with Staffing Manager at Winston Retail via email to assess schedule availability; corresponded by phone or email with department manager at Store locations to discuss scheduling of work visits. Interfaced with department managers and visual managers to implement the success of the brands and make necessary changes to increase brand awareness. Independently worked with minimal supervision at all store visits.

  • Brands that have been worked on for Winston include Puma, JAG, Diesel, Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren, Polo, Cole Haan, Lucky Brand, Chaps, Reebok, Majestic, Naked, and Under Armour.
  • Worked on new store opening of the Under Armour Brand House on Michigan Avenue in 2015.

SEARS, Schaumburg (Woodfield Mall), IL

Visual Merchandising Specialist

November 2011 - August 2012

Interpreted and followed typicals (sales floor planograms), taking into account architectural constraints. Dressed mannequins with current styles of new product. Attended meetings and participated in discussions, offering possible recommendations. Developed innovative wall displays to attract customers.

  • Took initiative to analyze sales data to increase productivity and evaluate high sales volume items to display.
  • Assisted with various miscellaneous tasks, including assisting in aesthetically pleasing displays and going beyond the call of duty to assemble merchandise props using tools and hardware.


WALGREENS, Glenview (Waukegan Rd. and Lake Ave.), IL 

Shift Lead Manager

July 2016 - March 2017

Assisted with Store Management consisting of Head Store Manager, Assistant Store Manager and other Shift Lead Managers. Handled cash safe by doing cash pickups and cash exchanges at registers and keeping the cash count. Precisely and correctly counted down drawers at night, also ensuring there is adequate and plenty coin change for the next day. Replenished stock from the warehouse totes and full cartons of shipment items. Performed merchandising re-sets and revisions such as soap and bath, premium hair care, and playing cards. Assisted customers frequently in finding what they need in the store and help cashiers at registers when needed. Processed returns and exchanges with quick accuracy and kindness to customers.

  • Promptly assisted Pharmacy department as needed to cut down long queue of customers in the busiest pharmacy store in the district.
  • Took great passport photos that customers are happy with for the extent to which a passport has to be kept, along with providing helpful service to anything else needed to customers in the Camera/Photo department
  • Worked overnight shifts with great flexibility for this 24 hour store on occasion, which included covering the main overnight manager’s two week long vacation.
  • Had to think out of the box and quickly when a bag from a customer’s large purchase was given to another customer by an employee and she needed specific items to be replenished and in her possession in time for her daughter’s Christmas stocking early in the day Christmas morning. Correctly put items through the system with no price and reason for no price so that it is in detailed record of which items were lost based on her receipt and video surveillance. 

CARSON PIRIE SCOTT, Norridge (Harlem Irving Plaza), IL

Sales Manager in Training (S.M.I.T.)

June 2006 - February 2007

Supervised, trained, and delegated responsibilities to 12 sales associates; planned and directed designated projects. Initiated various projects for Accessories, China Housewares, and Juniors departments. Successfully completed the highly comprehensive S.M.I.T. binder program in the initial goal of three months.

  • Created extensive analysis of sales volume: utilized Microsoft Excel to see the correlation of product in Accessories department separated by brands and types of classes (types of products), which included performance percentages in relation to plan and last year’s (LY) sales volume figures. Reported on deficient vs. sufficient classes relative to various product adjacencies, discussing the specific correlation to the performance of product. Presented findings in a binder report to Mentor (Department Manager of Accessories) and Store Manager.
  • Actively participated in the preparation for inventory taking by drawing out inventory map of the Juniors department. Delegated tasks to the Juniors team of sales associates to make sure all product were tagged appropriately with correct skus and pricing for the ease of the actual inventory taking which assisted in the accuracy of inventory numeric value, helping to significantly decrease the percentage of “shrink” (product loss).